25 Before 25

#13. Read 5 New Books

I hate to read.

Like, REALLY, hate to read. BUT, I know it is important. Additionally, as I find myself getting older, I also find the idea of TV every single night to be a little, well, childish. So as part of my journey I am challenging myself to read 5 new books.

Just 5, you ask?

Well, you would be amazed as how SLOW of a reader I am so believe me when I say, as embarrassing as it is, 5 is a stretch.

  1. Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick: I think I selected this book from the shear fact that I just really freaking love Anna Kendrick. Not only is she from Maine, but she is talented, witty, smart and beautiful. I am looking forward to getting some good laughs outta this one.
  2. The Magnolia Story – Chip and Joanna Gaines: I am not as obsessed as a lot of people I know with the Gaines family, but I have watched there show from time to time and have not a single bad comment about it. I love what little bit I know of their story and cannot wait to learn more.
  3. After You – JoJo Moyes: When I saw the trailer for Me Before You and then discovered it was a book, this was the book I decided would be the starter for my attempt to get back into reading and boy, was it a good one. It was beautifully written and moving. After watching the movie, I thought that it only made sense that the squeal book should be on my must read list.
  4. The Longest Ride – Nicholas Sparks: I have never read a Nicolas Sparks book from start to finish but he is probably my moms favorite author and she swears by him so I am giving it a shot. I chose this one for two reason. One, I loved the story line and I am generally interested in a good “chick lit” book, and two, it is the only Nicholas Sparks book turned to movie I have not seen and I want to be able to read the book first, since everyone always says that is better.
  5. Hug Your Customers – Jack Mitchell: This is a bit of a curve ball for me but for good reason. I recently took a trip to Delaware to visit Dogfish Head Brewery for a second annual trip. We stayed at the Dogfish Inn, also for the second time. We were lucky enough to be joined by Dogfish owner, Sam Calagione, the one night for a fireside chat. Sam is one of the most charismatic business owners I have even encountered and while we were there, he brought a box full of books that interested him that he wanted to share with his fellow beer lovers. I so much admire Sam’s business and how he treats him employees, customers, distributors and fellow beer people. Him giving me this book made it a no brainier that it had to be number five on my list!

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