25 Before 25

Coming Soon – I Promise!

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Not even a week into posting my blog and I already broke the cardinal rule in blogging: Never leave your blog unattended.

I had been working on the ideas, concepts, lists, posts etc. for awhile and I was so excited to share with everyone that I didn’t stop to take a second and realize that realistically, it just wasn’t a good time. While I have been doing blog worthy things, I have no time to actually still down and write about them in detail, and I do not half-ass things that are important to me.

Unfortunately for me, blogging does not pay the bills (yet), so the majority of my time is spent at work. In addition, my handy laptop has recently decided to be not so handy anymore. I guess laptops age in extreme numbers because mine is about five years old and runs like it is 95. It takes a solid 30 minutes to just get up and running in which time I usually commit to watching another episode of Gilmore Girls and then it’s game over on any productivity for the rest of my evenings. (Stop your judgement there. It is winter and hibernating is an acceptable way to pass the time).

Nonetheless, I’ve had weddings, weekend brewery trips, a trip home for Thanksgiving and more to fill you all in on and I cannot wait.

Patience is key?

Looking ahead to my upcoming weeks I am excited to share some of the fun things I have been doing and will be doing.

Until then, just take sides with me and blame the laptop. It’s on the top of my list for Santa.


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