25 Before 25

#15. Visit 5 New Local Restaurant (Deke’s BBQ)

I have lived in Philly for about five and half years now and still have lists of places and restaurants I want to go to. This a few weeks ago, I crossed off just one of five I want to go to this year.

Deke’s BBQ is located in the Roxborogh/Manayunk area and if you didn’t know any better, you would think you were turning into an empty parking lot when you pass by. However, my love for BBQ and this place being within walking distance of my house made it the perfect outing on a Friday night after a long week when cooking just wasn’t an option.

They have two locations, one which is an actual sit down joint, where we went, the other strictly for catering orders and take out.

Within minutes of our arrival, I immediately felt regret that I had not gone sooner. The smell alone was enough to convince me before I even ate that this was a place I was going to come to again. The atmosphere helped me to solidify that my previous thought was a valid one, but the food sealed the deal.


Our server was extremely friendly and after informing him it was our first time there, he took the time to go over some of the menu favorites which included a weekend 5-9pm all you can eat BBQ buffet. I almost fell out of my chair.


Twelve-dollar ALL YOU CAN EAT? We pondered the menu a few more seconds and then got up to “check out” the buffet, both knowing there was no way we were going to turn that down and man, was it worth it.

The buffet consisted of the following:

Carolina Pulled Pork, sausage and rib tips, veggies, sweet and tangy slow cooked chicken wings, queso mac and cheese, rice and beans and rolls.


Game over.

EVERYTHING was incredible and well worth the money. I think the wings were probably my favorite, shocker, I know. We will most certainly be making a trip if not frequent trips to Deke’s in the near and far future. We were also told the buffet changes from week to week, day to day, which also sounds like a plus!

A few more notes aside from the food:

The had a decent beer selection, nothing crazy but a nice variety for everyone. The table next to us had a bucket of what I believe was tall boy cans of Rolling Rock. I did not see advertisements for beer buckets but I am assuming they offer some type of deal.

The outside was also something special. It was a little cold out so we opted to sit inside but they have a ton of outdoor tables surrounded by garden lights and even a few fire pits. I am told that during the football season they sometimes set up a projector to show Eagles games outside, which sounds like something I will be partaking in.

Deke’s BBQ – on a scale of 1-5 of how likely I would be to recommend this place to a friend or someone looking for a good spot to eat: 5 (plus 10).


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