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#8. Try 8 New Breweries: The Brewer’s Art

It is very rare that we go somewhere new and do not Google search some of the local breweries to check out. Luckily for me, this habit doesn’t only fill my beer tasting desires, but it also helps to check some new breweries off my list.

Our first night in Baltimore we went to one of the city’s best craft beer bars, Max’s Tavern. While at Max’s, one of the beers we tried was called Resurrection by The Brewer’s Art, a local Baltimore brewery. It was a Belgian brown-ale and it was delicious. I rated it a 4.5 out of 5 on my Untapped app.

After chatting it up with the bar tender at Max’s and doing some perusing on some beer forums, we decided to make the stop the following night.

The brewery itself was so cool. The atmosphere had a very old Victorian feel. They had two sections, the bar which featured a lighter menu and another section with a full service dining room. We opted for the bar section as we had dinner plans elsewhere and wanted to focus more on the beer. I got a flight that included all six of their featured draft beers. Overall, I was very pleased with everything I tasted, which is a little unusual for me. In “beer drinking 101” bar tenders will often line up a flight in order of how you are suppose to drink them. This increases your chances of getting the full taste of each beer and not drinking a heavier one first, masking another. I, which I know would make some beer lovers cringe, tend to give each beer a small sip and drink according to which one I like the most. Starting with my least favorite, working my way to my favorite. With that, the last beer I drank was their Birdhouse Ale, an American Style Pale Ale which I rated a 4.75 out of 5 on Untapped. It was very crisp and refreshing with the right amount of hops upfront and a clean finish.

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Overall I would definitely recommend making a stop at The Brewer’s Art if you’re taking a trip to Baltimore and looking for something local. I wish the lighting was a little better to show the true colors of the beers above, but either way, it’s worth a stop. For those in the Philly area interested in trying without taking the trip, we found one place here that sells their beer, East Falls Beverage on Ridge Ave.




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